DLW 071: Star Wars Explained

March 6, 2019

This week we discuss all the new things announced for Galaxy’s Edge, refurbishment updates, Captain Marvel coming to the resort, Alex from Star Wars Explained, and more!

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This week a TON more information has come out about the main attractions in Galaxy’s Edge. The Millennium Falcon Smuggler’s Run will not just be the flight in the cockpit, but will also allow you to roam around the lounge section of the ship. The Hondo animatronic that will be in the pre-show is the second most advanced animatronic after the shaman from the Na’vi River Journey in Animal Kingdom. – https://www.micechat.com/218612-disneyland-star-wars-land-attractions-technology/

If you think that Smuggler’s Run sounds exciting, wait until Rise of the Resistance! You start in the Resistance Base on Batuu, then get a briefing from BB8 and Rey, where you will then head to a shuttle piloted by Nien Nunb. This part will be like a smaller version of Star Tours. The shuttle will be captured by a Star Destroyer. You will emerge in the hangar bay and met by a legion of first order troops. At this point you will load into a troop transport and experience the attraction. – https://www.micechat.com/218612-disneyland-star-wars-land-attractions-technology/

Some of the merchandise experiences, which are more like attractions, include a droid depot where you can build your own droid and interact with the droid that are around the establishment. The droids are remote controlled and can receive signals from other droids in the area. Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities is where you can buy Sith and Jedi relics and other items, including holocrons. Savi’s Workshop will be where you can create your own lightsaber during a 20 minute experience, 14 guests at a time. The hilt is $109 and the saber portion is an additional $50. Other shops include a toy shop, a creature stall, Resistance supply where you can purchase accessories, and more. – https://www.micechat.com/218391-disneyland-star-wars-restaurants-shops/

Of course it wouldn’t be a Disney experience without some new food options! Ronto Roasters will offer a variety of roasted options, Docking Bay 7 will offer food truck like meals and will be the main eating establishment in the new land. Oga’s Cantina will be the place to go to get some creative beverages, adult or otherwise. There will also be a stand that sells Blue Milk that isn’t milk at all, and a stand that sells popcorn. – https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2019/02/building-batuu-new-details-released-about-star-wars-galaxys-edge/

The Disney Play app is going to be getting into the act in Galaxy’s Edge where you can translate messages, join in on missions, listen in on transmissions, and more! This will make the new land very interactive and should help to pass the time while waiting to experience the two headliner attractions. – https://www.micechat.com/218612-disneyland-star-wars-land-attractions-technology/

If you are interested in how Disney created Galaxy’s Edge, TechCrunch has a great article on how they worked with contractors and designers to determine every detail and execute it properly. – https://techcrunch.com/2019/02/27/how-disney-built-star-wars-in-real-life/

Beginning later this month, you will be able to meet Captain Marvel in Disney California Adventure. She will be making an entrance in the armored SHIELD vehicle and heading to Hangar 12 in the northeast corner of Hollywood Land. – https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2019/02/captain-marvel-on-her-way-to-disney-california-adventure-park-shanghai-disneyland-and-disneyland-paris-next-month/

Months after Pixar Pier debuted to the public, Jessie’s Critter Carousel is finally making its debut in April. The newly re-imagined carousel will feature a variety of creatures and a theme reminiscent of Jessie and Toy Story – https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2019/03/jessies-critter-carousel-to-open-in-april-at-pixar-pier-in-disney-california-adventure-park/

After a few weeks of Sleeping Beauty Castle wrapped up in decorative scrims and having some paint work done, work is looking to get underway on replacing the damaged roof of the structure. A crane has been spotted in front of the castle, covered by a tarp for use after park closing. – https://www.micechat.com/218942-disneyland-news-update-beyond-galaxys-edge/

Dumbo has come to the Main Street’s Opera House, displacing Lincoln for a while. There is a model of Dumbo in the lobby and come of the costumes and props from the upcoming movie. – https://www.micechat.com/218942-disneyland-news-update-beyond-galaxys-edge/

A really nice quality of life upgrade is in process at the Mickey and Friends parking structure. A new system that will show how many available spaces are available on each level and help to direct you to the empty spaces is being installed. We assume that the new structure is also going to feature this technology. – https://www.micechat.com/218942-disneyland-news-update-beyond-galaxys-edge/

A quick note to let everyone know that one of the best shows is returning this weekend to the Rivers of America. Fantasmic! comes back from its refurbishment this Friday. – https://www.micechat.com/218942-disneyland-news-update-beyond-galaxys-edge/

The Astro Orbiter has also begun to be reassembled in the front of Tomorrowland, putting to rest the idea that the attraction would not be coming back to the entrance of the land. – https://www.micechat.com/218942-disneyland-news-update-beyond-galaxys-edge/

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