DLW 039: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Technical Issues

July 11, 2018

This week we discuss the heat this past week, technical issues, better wireless internet in the parks, Pixar promenade, a great reunion, Indiana Jones Adventure, and more!

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News this Week:

This past weekend, temperatures reached 115 degrees at the resort resulting in a much different experience for the guests willing to brave the heat. Attendance was down and the resort was much easier to navigate. Most of the attractions had little to no wait times! Disney did its best to try to remind visitors to drink plenty of water, and even handed out Wild about Safety cards featuring Timon and Pumbaa exclaiming “Don’t wait too late to hydrate!” Cast members at the outdoor carts were given misters and water to help beat the heat. Some of the cast members over in DCA were even allowed to ride Grizzly River Run, in costume, to help cool down. – https://micechat.com/198244-disneyland-photo-update-dont-sweat-it/

To make matters worse, Disneyland also experienced a server crash over the weekend. Guest relations staff would have to call attractions to get updated wait times. Guests that had purchased MaxPass were being issued handwritten passes. – https://micechat.com/198244-disneyland-photo-update-dont-sweat-it/

Robert Niles over at the Orange County Register brings up some good points related to Disney’s systems going down this week, that include some other thoughts on technology provided by Disney in the parks. His first point is a good one, especially with all the new apps that Disney has been developing for use in the parks, and that is consistent, always available wireless internet throughout the resort. – https://www.ocregister.com/2018/07/10/bad-wifi-connections-are-bad-news-for-theme-parks/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_content=tw-ocdisney&utm_campaign=socialflow

Step right up! The Pixar Promenade feature four new whimsical game booths. First up we have La Luna Star Catcher, which is based off of the Pixar short “La Luna.” It is a fishing game where guests use magnetic poles to help Grandfather Nano, Papa, and Bambino catch stars. Prizes include plush stars, moon, and even a Bambino! Next is Wall-E Space race which was inspired by WallE and Eve’s space dance scene. In this game, guests aim their water cannon at a target which then propels Wall-E and Eve higher and higher. Winners can receive a plush Wall-E, Eve, or Mo. Heimlich’s Candy Corn Toss is next. This is a bean bag toss style game where guests are given giant pieces of candy corn to toss into Heimlich’s mouth. An audience of bugs cheers you one from the sidelines. Prizes include plush Heimlich, Flik, Francis, or candy corn. Last in line there is Bullseye’s Stallion Stampede. The lovable horse from Toy Story races his friends to the finish line! Guests can help their horse ‘run like the wind’ by rolling rubber balls into holes, similar to ski ball. If your horse is the winner, you can claim a plush Woody, Bullseye, or pony as your prize. – https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2018/07/step-right-up-to-the-games-of-pixar-pier-in-disney-california-adventure-park/

If you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff, then you are in luck – sort of! Candy that will be for sale in this new shop in Pixar Pier is available in Knick Knack’s, while the store gets its fininshing touches on the other end of Pixar Pier. – https://twitter.com/laughing_place/status/1016751886794256384/photo/1

Kay Wittmack, a 96 year old former cast member returned to the Emporium this week after a 23 year absence. Her niece, who works in attractions as a trainer, helped make this reunion a reality. Kay worked in the Emporium from 1955 to 1958, back when it was operated by a separate company from Disneyland. To make her day more special, she got to ride her favorite attraction, its a small world, meet with Mickey Mouse, and get a tour of Walt’s apartment above the fire station on Main Street. – https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2018/07/original-emporium-cast-member-gets-homecoming-at-disneyland-resort-after-more-than-20-years/

Also on Main Street, Starbucks has released new mugs! The new ‘you are here mugs’ are New Orleans Square themed. They feature the Haunted Mansion and Pirates with an orange, green and purple color scheme. – https://micechat.com/198244-disneyland-photo-update-dont-sweat-it/

If coffee isn’t your thing, The Mint Julep bar is having some work done. To help speed up service times, the space is being remodeled to include two walk up podium registers outside. – https://micechat.com/198244-disneyland-photo-update-dont-sweat-it/

Sleeping Beauty’s castle received some attention and updates. The castle roof toppers, which had previously been damaged from the 60th Anniversary overlay, have been reinstalled. – https://micechat.com/198244-disneyland-photo-update-dont-sweat-it/

Disney also installed large new fence panels at the Small World parade gate. The panels are almost identical to the front facade of the attraction and fit in very well with the look of the area. At the attraction itself, the clock tower has been refurbished and fixed. The clock received a face lift which spruced up the children of the world parade and the numbers inside of the clock have been replaced. – https://micechat.com/198244-disneyland-photo-update-dont-sweat-it/

There have been a lot of complaints online about the state of the paint job in Toon Town, so Disney finally did something about it, but not in any way that people asked for. This week, they painted the cast member gate near Minnie’s House red, with white polka dots. The rest of the paint in the land might not look great, but the gate does! – https://micechat.com/198244-disneyland-photo-update-dont-sweat-it/

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