DLW 035: Our Favorite Disneyland Music

June 13, 2018

This week we discuss the return of Pirates, Incredibles Paint the Night float details, Pixar Pier is almost here, and our favorite music from the parks.

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News this Week:

Pirates of the Caribbean returned this past Friday and there are some notable changes. First, as expected, the auction scene has been updated to change the selling of wenches to selling of chickens after a ransack of the town with the new pirate Redd taking center stage. In addition to this change, the waterfall effect that was in the tunnel before the ship battle scene that included Davey Jones and Blackbeard has been removed and near the same area a pirate that has a neat effect that changes from a skeleton to a live person as your boat passes. He is accompanied by a new octopus. This is a nice change back to the classic incarnation of this section of the attraction to offset the auction scene. https://www.laughingplace.com/w/articles/2018/06/08/pirates-of-the-caribbean-returns-to-disneyland-with-updated-auction-scene/

Along with the return of the attraction, of course some new food has arrived for a limited time! Until June 18th, at the Blue Bayou a Cursed Pirate” pan fried Octopus & Calamari with andouille sausage, rum-soaked pineapple, haricot vert, and remoulade, Chicken Betty’s” Jidori Free Range Chicken with coconut rice, ham hock, maque choux(jew), fried plantains, and a spiced rum glaze, Redd’s Strawberry Cake, a sponge cake soaked in strawberry compote syrup with candied strawberry, coconut Chantilly, and diced pineapple sautéed in brown sugar and vanilla bean has debuted. https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2018/06/disneyland-resort-best-bites-june-2018/

“The new float coming to the Paint the Night Parade has some new details released from Disney. They include:

  • The dynamic and colorful new float connects both “The Incredibles” and “Incredibles 2,” picking up where the first film left off and portraying the scene that shows the Parr family banding together against the supervillain known as “The Underminer.”
  • Violet Parr uses her super powers to surround herself with a “force field.” It will come to life through a custom-built persistence-of-vision (POV) globe – the first and largest ever to be installed on a Disney parade float.
  • Dash’s super-human speed is captured through an innovative system of 64 individually lit frames, flashing as he races in circles around the float.
  • Mr. Incredible and Mrs. Incredible, along with their pal Frozone, light up the night in new super suits. The suits have been installed and wired by hand and are fully programmable to be in sync with the music and the float lighting.
  • The super suits, designed by eccentric fashion designer Edna Mode, are illuminated with nearly 100 sheets of flexible, miniature LEDs. This is the first time these light-up suits will be worn by any Disney or Pixar character.The chest logos on the Incredibles’ glowing super suits are made up of 60 individually programmable LEDs.”


With the recent changes to the Annual Passholder program being announced, Disney has added some perks for this summer. From June 11th to September 3rd, annual passholders can purchase “friends tickets” at a discounted rate. Tickets are valid only on the date purchased and are available at the good neighbor hotels, and the front entrance gates. Tickets purchased this was can provide a savings of up to 40%. https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2018/06/5-best-friend-experiences-for-disneyland-resort-annual-passholders-this-summer/

“Last week Disneyland lifted some June block out dates for two of their annual pass types. Everyone with a Southern California Select pass received 8 more days this month. You can now visit this week Monday through Friday, June 11-15, and next Monday through Wednesday, June 18-20. Holders of the legacy Southern California passport are now able to visit June 15, 16, 20, 21, and 22. Deluxe annual passholders can now visit this coming Saturday, June 16, after which Saturday block outs apply until August 18. These 9 days will most likely be very popular with passholders trying to squeeze in one more family visit before the regular block out schedule resumes, or looking to take advantage of the bring-a-friend offer just announced. As currently scheduled, Southern California Select annual passholders are blocked out June 19 through August 20. Holders of the legacy Southern California passport are blocked out June 29 through August 20.” https://www.mouseplanet.com/12126/Disneyland_Resort_Update_for_June_1117_2018

This week Disney premiered their first commercial for the upcoming Pixar Pier. The commercial shows Pixar characters excited for the new expansion, mixed with some old footage from Midway Mania and the games of the boardwalk. The new experiences were shown off through computer animations. It was still a fun commercial, but it will be fun to see the revamped area in person later this month! https://micechat.com/195278-disneyland-pixar-pier-beyond/

Just before the opening of Pixar Pier, some of the area will be closed. Toy Story Midway Mania and the Midway Mercantile store will be closed starting June 10. The attraction will remain closed until June 22, according to the Disneyland website. The Midway Mercantile will reopen on the 20th. Knick’s Knacks and the new Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats will close June 18 – 22, and will reopen June 23 with Pixar Pier. https://www.mouseplanet.com/12126/Disneyland_Resort_Update_for_June_1117_2018

Disney VoluntEARS, a cast member volunteer group started in 1983, celebrated its 35th anniversary with a first ever Global Week of service from June 3rd to the 9th this year. Over the last 35 years, the group has volunteered more than 10 million hours and just last year donated more than 348 million dollars to various charities around the world. https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2018/06/disney-voluntears-celebrate-35-years-with-first-ever-global-week-of-service-june-3-9-2018/

In the ongoing list of items that are must haves, there is a new Cinderella Bubble Maker. This bubble maker looks like Cinderella’s carriage and looks pretty cool. There is a huge selection of other bubble wands as well if Cinderella isn’t your thing. https://micechat.com/195278-disneyland-pixar-pier-beyond/

Hyperspace Mountain has wrapped up for now and Space Mountain is back to its classic version, probably until Ghost Galaxy this Halloweentime. https://micechat.com/195278-disneyland-pixar-pier-beyond/

The preview for Ant-Man and the Wasp has premiered in the Tomorrowland Theater, displacing the Path of the Jedi movie that has been playing in there for quite some time now. Not a huge loss, as it is good to see something else in this place. https://micechat.com/195278-disneyland-pixar-pier-beyond/

The Mickey and Friend’s Parking Structure’s new sibling has started to go vertical! The rebar for the support columns has started to be installed. Quick work on this project should be happening now until completion, hopefully before Star Wars Galaxys Edge next summer. https://micechat.com/195278-disneyland-pixar-pier-beyond/

Discussion Music:

Teresa’s Picks:

  • Haunted Mansion
  • Splash Mountain
  • Fantasmic
  • Main Street
  • Tarzan’s Treehouse

Tage’s Picks:

  • Paint the Night Parade
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • its a small world holiday
  • Haunted Mansion Holiday
  • Remember… Dreams Come True

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